an excerpt from our ever evolving mission statement / braggadocios streetwear rhetoric

Fort Home is a design house based on the premise of spreading oneself thin. We are a product of our golden era of design which included pink GT performers, Agassi sneakers, and head to toe Polo fits, Airwalk Prototypes, Oakley bulletproof sunglases etc.

By design we are interested in the aesthetics of objects and spaces in our everyday lives and only limited by the freedom of a concept. Our qualifications span the realms of architecture, djing, graphic design, product design, brand identity, marketing, etc.

We are interested in chicago civic lifestyle and the rising its standard of design. This website will serve as a resource to support this claim and in no specific medium will we be a contribution to it.

we are carrying the torch that Jordan lit...

basically, we are purveyors of this "lifestyle" campaigning for it to be less childish.

all materials are property of fort home and use/biting is prohibited without written consent from FH HQ established fall 2004.
California Stop, Blue Line via Rock Vegas, Illinois
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virgil abloh chris eaton and staff


hejfina part I
hejfina part II
hejfina print work

fort homme couture
product design
furniture design
Blue Blood Cafe
flower vase
kubrick display
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event & artist promotion

talent agency
london arm
paris, france train of thought
european nomad


drawing party?
Drinks & Drawing. Tonight at Hejfina its on. Fort Home will be in the spot alongside the likes of Cody Hudson and other Chicago talent. Stay tuned for coverage.

spring 2006
Materialistic Guide to Chicago.

spring 2006
Logan Square Skatepark Design
we are the intersection of streetwear lifestyle and the built environment. who better to put together a proposal for a skatepark under the expressway at Logan Blvd. check back soon and hone your flat land set up tricks.

Hejfina One Year Anniversary & fall/winter 2005
A FORT HOME CHICAGO assisted production. From djing to runways we got it locked

'How necessary is music?"
Mixed CD for the musically minded. MIxed and mastered in
Ramps to Champs studios.

Kanye's Touch the Sky Tour

Soundchecking with 5 time world champion DJ A-Trak. Sunglasses are a Must. nuff said. See what goes down while your kicking your feet up before the show.

"wait...did he just steal something"!!!?!?

If you work 168 hours in a week, you can afford a pair of 1.1 millionaires and still have almost $270 left for food rent and medicine. If you work 3,500 hours in a year, that's a full year's salary. It's also the difference between being able to afford a pair of gold teeth and a pair of coke-bottle-sized dentures. It's the difference between being able to afford a set of jewelry and a set of coke-bottle-sized jewelry. It's the difference between being able to afford a set of diamond-encrusted cufflinks and a set of coke-bottle-sized cufflinks. It's the difference between being able to afford a set of diamond-